Turning your Projector into a Wireless Projector

We are about to unleash a little secret for you (not so secret anymore) on how you can actually turn your ‘non-wireless’ Optoma Projector into a wireless one easily! Check it out below!

If you have a projector and you’re just tired of the hassle that cables do bring sometimes, well there exist a magical universal wireless dongle, known as the EZCast Pro II Dongle. It’s not really magic, it’s just technology but it’s quite the same, right? 😋


It is a very small HDMI dongle that is easily plugged into your HDMI Port & then Poof! Your Optoma Projector is now a wireless one. NO HDMI, NO VGA Cables = No hassle


The EZCast Pro II enables you conduct wireless lectures from any device: Laptop, Tablet and even your smartphone! No hassle of plugging in and out the HDMI Cable, specially if different people intend to present. This small dongle is one powerful device as it also supports up to 4K resolutions!

Presenters can actually move around the room effortlessly with their devices, since no cable is connected to their projectors.

  • Wireless Range: 10 meters

Plus, it encourages collaborative work, with its shared screen option; where you can split your main screen into 4 different ones, allowing users to present simultaneously. This is perfect for conferences, collaborative meetings and for educational classes. It allows students to simultaneously present their work and interact accordingly.

This little video below will give you a deeper idea on how the *magic* Wireless Dongle EZCast Pro II works:

Thank you guys for reading! 🙏