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Will an Optoma Projector work on a white wall?

If you’ve purchased an Optoma projector or you’re planning to get one, you may be asking yourself whether getting a special projection screen would be necessary or:

Could you maybe just use your white wall for the projection?

Well, the simple answer is YES, you actually can use a wall as a surface screen. But. There is always a but 😋!

The thing is, a simple white wall can actually provide a surface for an image to be projected. However, using a projector without a screen will significantly decrease the quality of the viewable image. Especially if you’ve purchased an HD-ready/HD or 4K Projector! You definitely would want to utilize your amazing projector to the max, right?

Projector Screen vs Wall - Using a Projector Without a Screen
Image projected on a white wall


The surface of your wall is actually not as smooth as the projection screen. Even if it happens to appear white & totally smooth from far, your wall most probably has a rough texture. If you look closely, you’ll definitely see it. These textures are due to small bumps and crevices found on your wall and the latter will create tiny shadows on your image when projected from a projector. It will be possible for you to use your white wall but the image quality & brightness won’t be utilized at its maximum.

+ All our Projection Screens have a special optical coating that improves its reflective properties. Hence, no shadows!

+ Your Projector’s image and brightness will be maximized if you use a projection screen

+ If you use a wall for projection, the image’s contrast, saturation & sharpness will most probably reduce significantly

ZENY 100" Diagonal 16:9 Projection Projector Screen HD Manual Pull Down Home  Theater -
Using a projection screen

Therefore, you actually can use a wall BUT we do recommend you getting a projection screen along with your projector so you can enjoy your projector to the max.

At Impress, we have 3 difference screen types which are: Motorized Screen, Manual Screen & Tripod Screen.

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Our next blog will be about a: “Guideline to Choosing the Right Projection Screen

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