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Choosing the Right Projection Screen: Everything you need to know (Impress Guideline)

When it comes to buying a Projection Screen, it can be a little confusing as to which size to choose or which model would be more appropriate for you. This post will help you understand the different types of projection screens we have AND the optimal size according to your Optoma Projector model. After reading this, we’re hoping to have cleared all your questions and that we have made you confident in choosing the right projection screen. Otherwise, we are here to help & assist you further and you can of course contact us on 249-8080 for more details. We’ll be more than happy to help out!

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Choosing the right TV Bracket

putting some factors such as the weight of your TV, its VESA and other important aspects which are equally important before you go ahead with your order. Check out the images below to discover more! If you need any other information, please do call us on 5942-9966/249-8080 or email us on

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