Choosing the right TV Bracket

This blog is the ultimate guideline for those looking to buy a TV bracket. Choosing the right TV bracket involves putting some factors such as the weight of your TV, its VESA and other important aspects which are equally important before you go ahead with your order. Check out the images below to discover more! If you need any other information, please do call us on 5942-9966/249-8080 or email us on

The first step before buying a tv bracket would be to check your TV size & TV weight. The reason we should do so is because different TV brackets come in different sizes and weight capacities. Some TV brackets are lighter and can hold lighter TVs while other heavy duty TV brackets can hold heavier televisions. It all depends on the type of bracket really. This is a fundamental step before choosing a TV bracket. Check out and write down your TV size & weight! Then check out the Size and Weight requirement of the TV bracket/TV mount!

Another super important step is checking the VESA of your TV and the VESA requirement of the TV bracket. Both have to match eventually! What is the VESA? VESA stands for ‘Video Electronics Standards Association’. It is actually a standard for mounting holes created to promote uniformity among the video electronic industries. This is to ensure that your TV will fit the TV brackets. The next picture below is how you should measure the VESA of your TV. Aside from measuring it, the VESA is provided in your TV’s user manual usually!

After having verified your TV size, weight & VESA, the next step is the simplest one: choosing the style of bracket.